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We are roll forming machine specialist.

We offer many kinds of roll formers from design to manufacturing, project management to full integration, set up and training. Our roll forming machines for many applications and industries, Provide services: ensure you get the right machine for your products, install all machine, provide training and ongoing maintenance, support, and parts.

We manufactures a variety of roll forming machines that can be customized to your specifications. The Main machines include: Roof Panel former, Steel Purlin former, Guardrail forming machine, Cable Tray former..

Metal Building Construction

The Metal building industry include roofing, siding, purlins, soffit, cornerbead... We manufactures a wide range of roll forming machines for Building Construction. Our customization and innovation machines can meet any needs of customer and we can supply globally service all over the world.

Installation & Training

We make roll forming machines for many applications. We have many expertise and knowledge plant personnel, engineers. Safety machine tested, system start up, after-sales support, available of spare parts and technical assistance. Ensure customer's production at increased speeds within efficient roll forming.